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Faster, Higher Quality, Cheaper

Thetis3D holds the patented technology that enables the production of perfect powders: spherical, devoid of porosity, and selected size distributions (from perfectly mono-sized as pictured, or with the exact requested size distribution required for the application).  The patented technology produces powder faster than atomization methods, of higher quality with no agglomerations, non-spherical particles and no embedded pores.  Production models prove this method to be an order of magnitude cheaper than atomized powders.

New Alloys

Thetis3D has developed the patent pending technology that enables the production of new alloy powders or new alloy net-forms.  In new alloy powder production, every powder particle contains a even distribution of the new alloy constituents.  This differs from mixing powders of different chemistry and assuming an even distribution of power. The Thetis3D technology ensures an even distribution of the alloy constituents thereby ensuring a homogeneous end product.

Fine Scale Metallic Printing

The founding partner of Thetis3D has developed the technology to precisely position metal onto a target by means of electrostatic charging and deflection.  The positioned metal can be in the form of 'bumps' or continuous lines. The technology is fast, for example the above BGA component deposited 225 balls onto their intended targets in less than one second.  

Fine Scale Metallic Printing

Development of 3D printing with controlled molten metal droplets is a focal point of Thetis3D.  Early pioneering work dating from the 1990's demonstrated the feasibility of high-speed droplet deposition Metal Additive Manufacturing with the fabrication of demonstration prototypes.  The objective of Thetis' current endeavors is to develop a process in which the metallurgy, tolerances, and surface finish exceeds that of powder bed metal additive manufacturing.


THETIS3D is a company dedicated to the advancement of Metals Additive Manufacturing with the development of new methods of powder production, new alloy production, and novel methods of Additive Manufacturing.  It's founder holds 15 patents (and one pending)  in Additive Manufacturing and powder production technologies

THETIS3D derives its name from the Greek mythological sea goddess who was the mother of Achilles and the adopted mother of the God of metal working, Hephaestus.  Hence, she is the Mother of all Metal Working. 


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